Activity 3 in Physical Science

Please solve for the following problems below in your notebook. Deadline is next week.

  • A moving truck has reached a peak speed of 20 km/hr travelling a distance of 580 km . How long was the travelling and what was the accelerating value of the truck?
  • Pam throws a coin off the bridge. The height of the bridge is 200 m from top to the surface of the water. How long did it took for Pam to hear the splash of the coin? What is the average velocity and final velocity of the coin?
  • A cargo truck left around 6 am with a velocity of 4 km/hr East, by 8 am it was travelling at a velocity of 8 km/ hr South , at 10:30 am it was moving at 10 km/hr east and reaching its destination at 1:00 pm. What was the total distance of the truck? What was the average speed?

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