Please add me first in facebook, account name : Enigmatic You. Write on the comment your schedule so I can add you up privately in a page, then do the following task.

To present your work, it can either be of the following;

1. video link

2. literature

3. photo

Please choose any of the following theme of your assignment below.;

  • Juche Ideology
  • Dances
    • Jeongjaemu
    • Hyangak Jeongjae
    • Dangak Jeongjae
    • Ilmu
    • Munmu
    • Mumu
    • Taekkyeon
  • Korean Paintings
    • Shin Yun-bok (painter)
    • An Jung-sik (painter)
    • Kim Jeong-hui (painter: calligrapher)
    • Nam Gye-u (butterfly paintings)
    • Yun Du-seo (self portrait)
  • Korean Lacquerware
  • Korean Celadonware
  • Music
    • Pansori
    • Pungmul
    • Samul Nori
    • Sanjo
    • A-ak
    • Dang-ak
    • Hyang-ak
    • Nongak

Once decided please post on the page you added to. No duplication of work, but 3 different individual can have the same theme but must make sure that it is still original in terms of work and research.

Deadling is Next week. Thank you.


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