welcome to enigmaticscience

for the past months, i’ve been thinking about creating a site, wherein you dont need any account to login and see the contents, and so i’ve come up to learn all about this blogspot “thing” through the help of wordpress.com, which acts simply as a website wherein it is easy to access, and all you need to do is type on the web address these queries — “enigmaticscience.wordpress.com”

So what does enigmatic means?

coming from the word “enigma”, it’s something described to be mysterious, puzzling, ambiguous, and i would say intriguing. the intelligent word, reminds me actually from the movie batman, i think it was mr. riddles that gave me that wonderful word perhaps. or simply it just pop out of my mind of how i view science, cause indeed science is something so mysterious, so aggressive in finding the best explanations that science can provide and of course dont forget it is still expanding, and i guess you can also say pretty quite crazy because of the brilliant thoughts and ideas it always have everyday. everything is basically science.


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