Prices of Raw Materials As Additional Ingredients for the Soap Making

Here is the list of Materials the Soap Authority is selling;

For the colored agents and fragrance oils, since the price needs to be reconsidered.. i suggest that you talk with another group who you can share those agents since you wont be needing all of the ingredients.

Shea Butter.        1,250/1kg,        625/500g,        250/100g

Cocoa Butter.      350/500g,        680/1kg

Tea Tree Leaves.      300/100g

Apricot Scrub.           280/100g

Raspberry Seeds.     250/100g

Oatmeal Powder.     100/100g

Extracts 210/60mL

Calamansi  –    Papaya   –    Bearberry   –  Tea Tree   –    Gugo  –   Guava

Pineapple   –   Carrot   –   Neem  –   Acapulco  –   Green Tea   –   Lemongrass   –   Turmeric


Wooden Soap Mold – 400

Oil Soluble Synthetic Colorants   350/100g

Blue  –   Yellow  –   Orange  –   Red  –   Black

Colored Micas –      600/50g       1,150/100g

Magic Purple   —   Strawberry Pink   —   Vibrant Green   —   Magic blue   —   Golden Sparkle

 Fragrance Oils (All 30mL) All priced 250

– Vanilla   –    Strawberry –    Grapefruit Pink –    Coffee –    Pandan –    Thai Jasmine –    Sweet Papaya –    Sweet Pea –   Sweet Tart Guava –   Willow & Chamomile –    Dragon Fruit –   Lemon   – mango Mandarin –    Mandarin Orange –   Pomegranate – Green Tea

-Tuti Fruti –   Herbal Fruite –   Nenuco


For more information; visit the original site of Soap Authority, and feel free to inquire

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. micon says:

    Hi are u still selling shea butter?

    1. hi im sorry for the late reply.. i dont sell the items.. i got the prices from my online seller in olx. …

    2. nope.. i just got it from another site…

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