Greening the Environment Means Efficiency and Efficacy of Governance

Rather than saying Tree Planting Activity, “Tree Growing” Activity is the right way to say it, as emphasized by Secretary Elisea “Bebet” G. Gozun, the Presidential Assistant for Climate Change. With that said, she hits the right mark, and that essentially makes sense cause it’s not all about planting, it’s rather maintaining it and ensuring that it’s growth would one day be beneficial for the whole. Today at the BIR Multi-Purpose Bldg., Candahug, Palo, created an open forum on Climate Change, which served as an eye opener on the land conditions that Philippines is currently experiencing. The forecast for the next year to come is so grave that dissemination of the information was the main goal for today’s forum. One good thing about the seminar is it focused on the climate change here in the Philippines. It can be quite scary because of the unknown future and the simulation forecasts does quite exists. The mitigation then will lie on the hands of the ¬†citizens of the earth, that is to conserve, preserve and maintain things that goes with energy, nature, and resources. Try to remember, the world is changing and as the saying says, change is constant. Nothing we can do to stop, but we can do something to at least reverse the devastation. As what they say, if things like this goes a bit grave, then the choice will be to adapt. Climate change adaptation is quite a brilliant idea. Well, it did went well, my biggest thanks to the students who stayed till the very end of the session.


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