Plant Project: Something Green & Healthy

So I’ve been thinking recently on a project that we’re gonna do under biology. ta-dah!! The Plant Project.. Well I know that it’s not that so intriguing project but the purpose of this project is to experience how it’s like to grow a plant. Well, it’s not just the ordinary plant, we’re talking about veggies that grow in our garden, well if you have one. Tomatoes, garlic, ginger, peppers, onions, okras, and the those simple veggies would be a fun way to explore, any picks? The purpose of this project is to appreciate the developmental stage of the plant, and also to appreciate self sufficiency from the produce that you can get from this project. Maybe one day you might want to have your very own veggie garden business. Just saying 🙂 .. But anyhows, I am working on the mechanics of this project and hoping that this would be possible for the weeks to come. Just giving you some inputs on the project; and if you can share some thoughts please do comment or email me. (

So far the mechanics goes this way, I’ll be providing you with seeds. You and your groupmates (4 members only) will be the one who will do the research on how to grow the plant. And then for each week, you’ll have to document by taking pictures of it and see the changes. This would probably be a 2 to 3 months project. Well, as long as their is progress, then  you get a good grade. And you’ll be presenting your documentation on a powerpoint or Prezi.

So what do you think guys? It’s good to go?


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