solve me to get points :)


Sorry for the delay, but as I say it would be posting it this weekend. Give me the answer only within 24 hours of post. first ten will get the points.


If Chang went for a small confusing walk to Crazy Lane, where would she be right now? From her house, she went 25 meters up North, where Sneezy club is located. From that corner she went West for 15 meters and then reached another corner, where Sleepy pub was. Moving down to South for 15 meters, she was at Laughing gym. Yet she continued to walk, and then went to the East at a 15 meter distance passing by Gossiping park. She continued walking though for 15 meters North passing by the Chuckling tree, just in front of the Orange cabinet. Almost tired, she tried to ran fast to the West covering 15 meters, of where she just wanted to be. Where was she?  What was her distance? And what was her displacement?



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  1. her distance is 100. and her displacement is 71.06 meters NorthWest.

  2. Shes at the Sleepy Pub. Her distance is 100 meters and her displacement is 71.06 meters NorthWest.

  3. Orville Libril says:

    Distance : 100meters
    Displacement : 29.15475947m NW …

    she’s at sleepy pub …

    hope i’m not wrong xD


    1. you got it right! you’re first.

  4. Patrick Ian A. Gara says:

    Distance 100, displacement: 29.155m NW final destination: sleepy pub
    Nat.Sci. 1 (4:00-5:00) MW

  5. distance = 25m+15m+15m+15m+15m+15m
    = 100m

    x = -15+15+(-15)
    = -15m

    y = 25+(-15)+15
    = 25m

    displacement = square root of (15m to the exponent of 2 + 25m to the exponent of 2 )
    = square root of (225m+625m)
    = square root of (850m)
    = 29.155m NW from her house where sleepy pub is located

  6. Marifel A. Regala says:

    She’s at the sleepy pub with the distance of 100m and a displacement of 29.15m NW

  7. She’s at Sleepy pub.Her distance is 100 meters.Her displacement is 29.15 meters Northwest.

  8. pwede pa mag answer ma’am? :)))

  9. Are U goiNg 2 p0sT a Pr0b. ma’Am .. ??

  10. maam, wrong pala an akon anser kay gin disregard ko an mga sign (kun positive ba o negative) han nagbibiling na ako han displacement. so pamati ko 29.15 NW po it anser. :))

    1. waray utrohay hin answer :)))

  11. jade mikee paza says:

    ma’am pwede pa po bng mg-answer? karuyag ku po lumanat hn mga points this past meeting…
    f okey luh po ha m..:)

  12. auh.hmhp..salit kie…..
    pru thanks po

  13. jackie sabandal says:

    mam wrong ang aho displacement … 29.15 NW. pala ky hindi koman gnlabot han mga negative sign… hindi ko man yan gnsubad… ginsolve ko yan.. yong distance 100 meters

  14. ma’am pwede pa mag answer? yana ko la ig visit ..

    Given: 25 meters N , 15 meters W , 15 meters S , 15 meters E , 15 meters N , 15 meters W

    ***** the distance is 100 meters
    d = (x sub1) + (x sub2) + (x sub3) + (x sub4) + (x sub5) + (x sub6)
    = (25 meters) + (15 meters) + (15 meters) + (15 meters) + (15 meters) + (15 meters)
    d = 100 meters

    *****the displacement is 29.15 NW
    x sub.t = -W+E displacement= SQUARE ROOT of (-15)^2 + (25)^2
    y sub.t = +N-S = SQUARE ROOT of (225 + 625)
    ********** = SQUARE ROOT of 850
    x sub.t = -15 +15 -15 = 29.15
    x sub.t = -15
    y sub.t = 25-15+15
    y sub.t = 25

    ********** Chang is at the CORNER where Sneezy Club and Sleepy Pub are Located , NW …

    “ma’am gn surat ko la an solution.. 🙂

  15. distance covered = 25+15+15+15+15+15
    = 100 meters…
    displacement from point of origin = 29.15 NW…. ada 😀

    1. hmmm you’re natsci 2 student. 🙂 sorry can’t give you points for natsci 1. 🙂

  16. Bergonio,Jodil says:

    29.15 NW Sleepy Pub!

  17. foreign student says:

    Paula you are the best teacher of the world.
    The formula that your students used to find the displacement, made me remember the Pythagorean theorem.

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