Syllabus for NatSci 2


A general introduction to biology in the areas of cell biology, genetics, development, vertebrate physiology, ecology, and evolution. It is designed for non-science majors and may not be used to fulfill biology major or minor requirements.

The content of this course is directed both inward and outward. After completing this course, you will not only understand how your body works, but will also learn how what you do involves the world around you. Inward — in addition to learning about human anatomy and physiology, you will discover mechanisms of inheritance and its implications concerning genetic disorders and genetic counseling. Outward — you will discover how your actions and choices regarding the use of limited resources and the generation of pollution affects the biosphere. You will realize how the world is changing by variation, natural selection and speciation (micro- and macroevolution) on both short and geological time scales.

Social responsibility is becoming a major concern of business leaders today. The basic knowledge of biological sciences will equip business students understand and take advantage of the benefits this field will offer them. The course will above all mold the student into productive and informed members of the community through the adaptation of favorable outlook, attitudes, and values incorporated in the discussion of relevant issues and ecological problems.

Moreover, as a field of discipline, the learning from the course will develop future business leaders, not only socially responsible individuals but also self disciplined person conscious of a healthy environment and healthy lifestyle.

For the scheduled topics please click the link to google docs and you will see the lay-out of topics for the rest of the semester:


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