Syllabus for NatSci 1


Natural Sciences I basically discusses the concepts and general principles of Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Astronomy. The application is focused on problems involving related fundamental theories of the four broad fields of sciences. The course is limited to classroom discussions and other related activities. Laboratory activities and experimentations will not be covered in the whole duration of the course due to time limitation and required facilities.

Science and technology dominate our modern civilization that the study of physical science is very much significant to the general education of every individual specially those who are aspiring to become competitive entrepreneurs, businessmen and employees in the future.

Man is constantly faced with problems and challenges of nature. In the quest for answers that will enable man to live conveniently with its fast dynamic state, he must have a basic working knowledge and understanding of the physical universe. The basic knowledge will specifically equip a competitive advantage to an entrepreneur, businessman, and employees. To meaningfully achieve the objective of the course, scientific ideas, concepts, principles, and practical applications will be presented, analyzed, criticized and discussed. These will help expand the student’s appreciation and develop the basic understanding of the physical sciences. More importantly, the course will develop monumental scientific values and positive attitudes that will surely benefit them when they move out of the school and face the challenges of the business world.

The changing earth is almost unpredictable that calamities occur frequently than before. Being a socially responsible person, would mean every individual would have to take measures to be physically aware with the surroundings. It is ideal that disaster mitigation measure should be given emphasis on the field of earth science. The facts will equip students on how our weather and natural disasters like earthquake, tsunamis, volcanic eruption, and storms, behave and given the idea, individuals will be prepared to handle such incidence.

For the scheduled topics please click the link to google docs and you will see the lay-out of topics for the rest of the semester:


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