research activity on paperless technology & a1.1-061712 (first in-class activity in ns1)

first research activity was to answer the following questions:

1. What is paperless technology? ebook?

2. Give me examples of paperless technology.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of paperless technology?

4. Give me your opinion on the use of paperless technology.

click on the link to view the first activity in natural science 1:

will require notebook to answer the following questions on this link, written output only on notebook.. do not send the answers back as an email.. deadline with no deduction of 10 points is until next week only. still you can submit your answers before the semester ends, but with deduction of 10 points.

thank you ..


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  1. Ma’am, pwede extend pa to till next week.. June 25 🙂

    1. yeah sure.. but if you extend it till july.. that’s not a good idea 🙂 you’ll get minuses..

    1. sad to say you cannot send this one via online.. you have to have it in paper.. di pa man siya emergency case 🙂 only use it when it’s like near the end of the semester na..

  2. Cassandra Grace A. Catuday says:

    Distance 100, displacement: 29.155m NW final destination: sleepy pub
    Nat.Sci. 1 (4:00-5:00) MW

    1. you got it right! you’re second.

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