paperless technology


so it’s all about not using paper any longer, which is quite good because you certainly wont be needing to cut trees any longer, and that you’re one of those eco-friendly super heroes! as demands for fuel and electric consumption have arisen, the world will be a lot more in trouble because of global warming of which undeniably have its manifestation already to our environment. so people think it’s bad thing but why still do it? that’s really one big irony we have. but of course, as they say there’s always a solution in all problems, and that’s why some of the I.T. markets like Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Samsung, and Sony, to name a few have thought of putting everything in one package. everything is now digital after the birth of internet i’d say. actually, it’s a fast pace evolution of technology wherein it all started from the big pushable button things to your touchable screens, and what’s next? probably holographic space? now that’s cool .. seems impossible at the moment, but think again, may be possible after 5 years or more to come.. remember the timeless scifi anime that we always see on televisions, japanese had always had their ways in making them come true. the secret lies probably with the thought of “everything is possible.”


i do like putting everything in a single box. knowing that a library of books can be stored in one storage area, i’m so keen to buying another kindle perhaps. yup my first kindle got destroyed because of electromagnetism stuff, which i guess you can say it’s one of the disadvantages. well at least i still got my files intact in the cyber-world, thanks to paperless technology!

so i guess you can name loads of advantages and disadvantages. actually, everything will depend upon experiences to tell about these pros and cons.

and so my question would be, “would you be open for the thoughts of going paperless?” 🙂


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  1. “would you be open for the thoughts of going paperless?” 🙂

    — YES 🙂

    1. that’s good idea 🙂

      1. what’s your email address po, Ma’am? hindi ko po kasi naisulat 🙂

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