Civilization is the permutation of the fundamental elements of Consciousness: Art, Religion, Science, Philosophy

By Ion Saliu, Civilized Human At-Large

Some readers noticed that the six permutation elements were not listed in mathematically correct order. Other readers noticed an important absence: Religion. Of course, religion is a fundamental element of consciousness. Some say human consciousness, or human civilization. The expressions are tautological, however. Only humans have consciousness and only humans can build civilizations.

Consciousness is self-awareness. I am aware of my own self. It is never We or They or You. It is that specific thought every human being bears all the time. I am, therefore the world is.

Indeed, consciousness has religion as one of its major components. And thus we can enumerate the four fundamental elements of consciousness, in order of appearance:

1 = Art
2 = Religion
3 = Science
4 = Philosophy

Art is to please, religion is to fear, science is to observe, philosophy is to doubt.

There should be no doubt that art came first and it happened long before the other elements of consciousness came to life. Art came into being long before speech. The early humans imitated the sounds of the environment. The sounds became music over many thousands of years. The early humans imitated the deceptive moves of the fire flames. The moves became dance over many thousands of years. Art made a decisive contribution to speech. Speech, in turn, created other elements of consciousness. Religion was the earliest form. Homo sapiens must have been in awe at speech. It must be that we are the creation of a supernatural force, Homo sapiens concluded.

Humans started civilization proper when the third element of consciousness was discovered: Science. The science of plant and animal growing (agriculture) led to the science of building. Civilization leaves footprints for the times to come. It all started inMesopotamia. Ironically, the current place (Iraq) is the focus of destruction these days!Egyptis the most notable civilization of the first three elements of consciousness.

Full-blown civilization started with the Ancient Greeks. The fourth fundamental element of consciousness was discovered: Philosophy. Doubt is the foundation of philosophy.

This human scribe simply compiled the one sentence that describes civilization beginning with the invention of philosophy by the Ancient Greeks.

We can see how philosophy is more and more pushed out the picture. I believe religion will be next. Science offers exact and more convincing facts about heaven (hell as well). The spiritual need satisfied by religion will be provided by science. In fact, spiritual is a state of altered consciousness. Science has already built the first instruments that can act as religion. There are light-and-sound brain-wave machines that induce altered mind states better than by attending worship.

After religion, art will follow the way of the dinosaur. Art has increasingly become entertainment. Nothing can beat science at creating entertainment.Hollywoodis one of the largest scientific venues of all times. Films (more correctly named movies) are more the creation of science than of human mind. The computers are more prominent in “art” as well. More and more humans perceive the video games as an art. The science, computer science in particular, will certainly create a medium that will combine film, music, story telling, and gaming in one package (which will probably smell accordingly).

Thus, we can foresee that science will remain the only element of consciousness. We may sentence the civilization of the future (or the last human frontier) as:
Scientific science of scientific science.
It will mark the end of the human species and the mutation to a new species. Only Almighty Number knows if the new species will be better or better off. They will still be, however, worshippers and soldiers and actors and managers of Fear and Survival.


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